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cb0183_9517ead216f44aa3ba47ba7100aea21dAt Scan-Optics, our mission is to make it exceedingly easy for our customers to turn information from images into accessible, actionable data.

Our visionary easy.forward™ cloud-based managed capture platform simplifies document processing.  Scan or drop an image into the easy.folder™ and just like that, the desired data and image appear exactly where it belongs.  Get accurate and timely information without the investment in complex software, costly implementations or never ending maintenance costs.  This value is enormous and available today.

In addition, you can send us your physical or virtual documents in whatever way you would like. Once received, Scan-Optics will do the heavy lifting through an innovative blend of user experience, technology, process and people.

Scan-Optics is uniquely qualified to offer “paper to paperless” services. Since our inception in 1968, we have amassed over 25 patents in image processing, character recognition, error correction and Key from Image (KFI) services and functions.   That solid foundation is perfectly complemented by the ‘man behind the curtain’ residing in our secure HIPAA compliant Business Process Outsourcing facilities. Combined, they make it possible for Scan-Optics to provide a robust array of industry-leading document processing capabilities.

We continue to make some of the fastest, most advanced production scanners in the world.  And we maintain them and many other scanner and imaging products throughout North America.  Plus, we offer an international professional services team with image capture domain expertise that is second-to-none.

Using the most comprehensive data capture solutions available to transform customers’ information into actionable data is the very purpose of Scan-Optics.  Experience it yourself. We stand ready to transform your documents, empower your software applications and streamline your transaction workflows through the magic of easy.forward™.

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