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Business applications cannot perform optimally without quality data fueling them. The data they need however may be on paper or in digital form (PDF, image or digital data). It may be found on an organized, repeatable, structured format like an application or claims form. Or it may be found in similar, but different, semi-structured forms like an invoice. It can also be hand-written on a piece of paper like tests and surveys.

Managed capture uses technology to pull the information from any of these original documents and convert it into quality, actionable data. easy.forward™ Managed Capture Service (MCS) is Scan-Optics cloud based paper to paperless solution, enabling the capture, classification, storage and retrieval of documents using browsers, scanners, MFPs and mobile devices anytime, anywhere. MCS transforms paper and electronic forms into data that flows into your software application in three simple steps and with NO DATA ENTRY.

How easy.forward™ works:



Submit your files by placing them into your easy.folder™. Scan your paper documents, or drag and drop emails, e-faxes or other electronic files.



easy.forward™ transforms the records contained in your easy.folder™, capturing, validating and keying to create searchable documents via indexes.



We format the data for delivery and you are notified as documents become available. You can then access and collect documents with the ability to print, email, download, export and import into your enterprise system. That’s it!

For more information on how easy.forward™ can help your organization, click here to visit our Resources page.

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