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The player with the best data wins.

data-entryHaving the information and business intelligence needed to put you ahead of your competition is useless if you don’t transform it into data you can act on. If relying on outdated capture methods is putting your business at a disadvantage, get a leg up with easy.forward™

With easy.forward™ any critical information – whether from paper or digital originals – is collected, captured and converted into the data you need within the application you use. It happens quickly, accurately and with NO DATA ENTRY.

  • Accurate — up to 99.9% accuracy.
  • Easy – You scan, e-mail or drop electronic documents into an easy-folder™. That’s it!
  • Fast – Turnaround times in as little as 2 hours
  • Actionable – formatted and delivered to your application
  • Scalable – Instantly scales to handle workload with no limits on volume. Eliminates the needs for workforce scaling.

In business, whoever has the best data wins. With easy.forward™, that will be you.

Learn more about Managed Capture Services

The first step to winning is optimizing your data.

With managed capture service (MCS) all the information you want to retain - regardless of whether it’s in paper or electronic form - is collected and converted into the data you need within the application you use.

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