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Add more value to your customers with a holistic solution.

Consider these questions:

• Would you like to offer your clientele more than just commodity document management or BPO services?
• Do you find yourself choosing between “lowest cost” and “most beneficial for the customer?”
• Do you want recurring revenues instead of a one-time engagement?

If you answered yes to even one then consider the easy.forward™ Managed Capture Services platform.  When you are delivering the high value capabilities of easy.forward™, you no longer need to get caught up in difficult-to-differentiate document processing related services.   Plus, easy.forward™ provides ongoing opportunities to expand its use through follow-up with customers.

Customers appreciate how the easy.forward™ platform allows them to effortlessly turn data from images into information, regardless of whether they have physical or virtual documents.  And the ROI they experience makes your service even more valuable to them.

Consultants and integrators regularly recommend Scan-Optics to their customers whenever complexity, large volume or needed value is the driving component of a project. And it is no wonder why.  Scan-Optics has over 25 patents in image processing, character recognition, error correction and Key from Image (KFI) technology.  Additionally, the “man behind the curtain” that is our secure HIPAA compliant BPO facilities, does all of the heavy-lifting for customers. This unique blend of user experience, technology, process and people is what makes Scan-Optics uniquely qualified to be your document processing partner.

Bring us your challenge.

We invite you to learn how simple it is to plug in your customer’s documents, software applications and transaction workflows into the easy.forward™ system.  Once you do, you’ll see how the easy.forward™ platform can become a consistent driver of quality revenue for your firm.   Contact us today to find out if your firm qualifies to be an easy.forward™ consulting or integration partner.

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