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Grow your hardware business with Data Capture.

Today’s market is over-crowded, mature and filled with savvy customers. Differentiating one’s self in this environment is a challenge that puts a strain on sales, revenue growth and margin. What are the choices?

• Create innovative technology? It’s a good idea but realistically, the competition will have the same features in no time.
• Add software and services to your product?  Sure, except the reseller channel is poorly suited for complex value added sales, and your organization wants to sell equipment.
• Try to take deals direct?  The result here is all but guaranteed; you will alienate your reseller base and lose market share for a fleeting few margin points.

The good news is now there is another choice – an easy choice – it’s the easy.forward™ Managed Capture Services platform.  With easy.forward™ you get:
• a product that is easy-to-sell
• meaningful margins on recurring revenues
• enhanced loyalty and stickiness to your brand

Integrated into your product, the easy.forward™ platform makes turning data from images into information effortlessly simple for your customers.  Whether it’s physical or virtual documents, Scan-Optics does the heavy lifting through an innovative blend of user experience, technology, process and people.   And the ROI for the customer makes your product even more valuable.

Add more value with easy.forward™

easy.forward™ allows your sales channels to focus on moving boxes with simple-to-understand added value, and allows them to stop getting caught up in difficult-to-differentiate document processing related services.

When complex, large volume or value-driven opportunities arise, those in the know recommend Scan-Optics to their customers.  That’s because when the job is difficult, Scan-Optics makes it easy.  When something special is required, Scan-Optics is the one- stop-shop  partner.

Contact us today and learn how the easy.forward™ platform can help you to increase sales, create opportunity for new revenue prospects, improve margins and differentiate your brand.

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