Bad data is everywhere. Lucky you.

Ndata-entryew revenue sources and higher margins are always in demand, but those opportunities no longer come from traditional document management solutions. The reason: Data entry. Customers who are relying on this outdated capture method have inaccurate, incomplete or duplicated data. You can fix it with easy-forward™ Managed Capture Service (MCS).

With easy.forward™ critical information is collected, captured and converted into the data needed within the application used. It all happens in three simple steps with NO DATA ENTRY.

Your customers get hassle-free data that is accurate and accessible and you get:

  • A benefit-filled solution that’s easy-to-sellreseller
  • Significant margins
  • A recurring revenue stream
  • Upsell opportunities for MPS, professional services, scanning hardware and maintenance services

And if your team is already selling Managed Print Solutions, they already know how to sell MCS because the same survey process is used. For more information on how to generate more revenue and grow your business by becoming a value added reseller, click here.


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