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To truly be great, your software needs great data.

Many of your customers don’t really have “data.” They have paper and digital information scattered about in file cabinets, old servers and emails. The mistakes, time constraints and cost of data entry is hurting them, and you. You can fix that with easy.forward™ Managed Capture Service (MCS) from Scan-Optics.

easy.forward™ collects, capturedata-entrys and converts critical information into the data needed within the application used. It is accurate, fast and secure. And it happens with NO DATA ENTRY from the user.

When customers can retain, collect and convert as much data as they have, they need bigger and better software applications. An OEM branded easy.forward™ solution removes the sales barrier of document processing. Helping your customers do more will help you to:

  • Sell more applications and upgrades
  • Enjoy increased margins
  • Reduce support costs for document related efforts
  • Add value, competitive advantage and a continuous recurring revenue stream for document capture, processing and/or business process outsourcing (BPO) related services.


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