July 6, 2016

Scan-Optics to examine vendor governance at BPO Innovations Conference

New York – November 5, 2013 – Warren Fisher, CEO of Scan-Optics, a leading image capture and recognition firm, will discuss Vendor Governance: Mitigating Risks, Improving Outcomes at the BPO Innovations Conference scheduled for November 13 in New York City. The event is free to practitioners.

The day-long symposium and networking event will explore how innovation in outsourcing is changing the marketplace, taking BPO and tech sourcing from a strict cost-savings play to more holistic, value-added engagements. The conference also will bring together the leading outsourcing industry decision makers, influencers and thought leaders to learn, connect and transact.

“As an industry pioneer, the Scan-Optics perspective will bring a unique point of view to the discussion of vendor governance, risk and outcomes,” said Frank Casale, Founder / CEO of event producer The Outsourcing Institute.

With up to 15% of outsourcing contract value potentially lost to lack of or mismanaged vendor governance, understanding and adequately enforcing key aspects of vendor governance can significantly reduce risks emerging from geo, financial, regulatory and operational perspectives. This discussion will explore how effective governance can stop value leakage and improve outcomes and best practices successfully adopted in BPO engagements.

“We’ve worked to actively engage a process of innovation, risk control and proactive relationship management to ensure our clients experience maximum outcomes with minimal possible risk,” Fisher said. “This discussion should be insightful and thought-provoking for any attendee hoping to take their outsourcing engagements to a higher level.”

About The Outsourcing Institute

Founded in 1993 and with over 70,000 members globally, OI is the go-to neutral source for unbiased information, best practices and networking opportunities in the outsourcing, BPO and ITO arenas. OI’s portal,, is the most visited portal of its type on the Internet. Click here to learn more about the BPO Innovations Conference.

About Scan-Optics LLC

Established 45 years ago, Manchester, CT based Scan-Optics is a nationally certified Woman Owned Business Enterprise that is a recognized global leader in document processing and imaging solutions and services. Holding 20+ patents with extensive experience working with U.S. and International clients, the Company has expanded its unique capabilities to outsourced document management services. Scan Optics enhances customer efficiency, reduces costs, improves turnaround time and accuracy and frees its customers to concentrate on and invest more in their core businesses. For more information, visit

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