Scan-Optics Introduces Managed Capture Service

July 6, 2016

Say good-bye to data entry!

Scan-Optics introduces Managed Capture Service to transform business information into actionable data

Manchester, CT – Scan-Optics, the ‘paper to paperless’ company, today announced the release of easy.forward™, its first cloud based managed capture service (MCS). MCS makes it possible for you to have all the information you want to retain collected, regardless of whether it’s in paper or electronic form, and converted into the data you need within the application you use with no data entry. The solution enables the capture, classification, storage and retrieval of documents using browsers, scanners, multifunction printers (MFPs) and mobile devices.

“Organizations want timely access to their vital data as it arrives as well as if it’s lying dormant, scattered about in file cabinets, servers and emails. We’ve made accomplishing that simple with easy.forward™.” explained Scan-Optics’ CEO Warren Fisher. “By transforming paper and electronic forms into accurate, actionable data, easy.forward™ helps companies get the most out of their information without the hassle of data entry. Customers just have to scan, e-mail or drop electronic documents into their easy.folder™. That’s it! Scan-Optics takes it from there – capturing the required data, delivering information in the expected format and making it accessible within hours of submission.”

easy.forward™ provides visibility to the process through a dashboard showing real-time work status, historical information and audit trails. By integrating easy.forward™ with Scan-Optics’ document processing operations, customers can now enjoy all the advantages of managed data capture without the hassle of scaling their workforce with the ebb and flow of their business.

“Making it easy for our customers to access the information they need to drive their business forward. That’s what we do at Scan-Optics” concluded Fisher.

For more information about easy.forward™ Managed Capture Services, please contact Kathryn Korchari at (800) 745-6001 x386 or visit

The first step to winning is optimizing your data.

With managed capture service (MCS) all the information you want to retain - regardless of whether it’s in paper or electronic form - is collected and converted into the data you need within the application you use.

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