Part 2: Production scanning vs Alternatives. Which is best for your company?

Part 2: Production Scanning Vs Alternatives. Which is best for your company?

Operators and Equipment

When you select a document processing solution, you’ll have to take into account operating equipment and the various needs of that system.

We see several problems arise in the use of a distributed scanning solution. One is that the specifics of scanner operation and the related software can require a specialized set of skills. This means training all employees on operating the equipment and software. In a production scanning solution, designated operators are trained to ensure operational efficiency and consistent quality. They monitor each scanned page and ensure uniformity. These users are trained to deal with basic complications that may come about during the scanning process.

Documents may require special preparation in order to be scanned that can critically affect the efficiency of your operation. Scanners, especially those with auto-feed functions, may require:

  • Staples to be removed

  • Small documents to be copied

  • Tears to be fixed via taping or copying

  • Sorting of pages and insertion of batch separators

In a production environment a small team of workers handles all the work for large quantities of paper rather than requiring each department to have its own members handle this on top of their normal workload.

Moving along in the operation, many document solutions may require manual entry of data from text to digital. This is a time consuming process where a user reads the information off the scanned document and enters it into the system as text. This may require an extensive knowledge of document codes and sorting rules. In a production scanning solution a small team of trained data entry operators devoted to this task can easily handle large volumes of documents, ensuring consistency, speed and accuracy.

The volume of work you receive or process will dictate just how realistic it is for your current team of employees to handle the tasks involved in operating a document processing operation on top of their usual duties.

We can now see why a business that handles large volumes of paperwork will see greater efficiency in a production scanning solution. In part 3 we will look at fleet maintenance and some final notes.

The first step to winning is optimizing your data.

With managed capture service (MCS) all the information you want to retain - regardless of whether it’s in paper or electronic form - is collected and converted into the data you need within the application you use.

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