Part 3: Production scanning vs Alternatives. Which is best for your company?

Part 3: Production Scanning Vs Alternatives: which is best for your company?

Maintenance and Under-use

The best mechanical equipment in the world will eventually encounter problems, either through normal wear and tear or user error. Some might have reservations about production scanning because it relies on a few scanners to process their entire workload. What if one should require maintenance?

There are several important factors to keep in mind. First is that a production scanner is made to a much higher standard – the chance of a breakdown is significantly reduced. Furthermore the maintenance contract on fewer scanners with fewer problems will cost you less over time. You have to compare the idea of frequent repair or replacement of a multitude of low-end desktop scanners to the upkeep of a high quality scanner that rarely needs maintenance. When it does need maintenance, a production scanner is more likely to have technicians and parts available for repair than a run-of-the-mill scanner.

One final consideration on distributed scanning is the possibility of under-used equipment. A department with a low or sporadic volume of work still needs the option to scan. The solutions are to either use another department’s scanner, which may cause unforeseen congestion and backlog for one or both departments, or to have an under-used scanner in that department. Under used equipment is a lost investment. With a production scanning solution, the high speed processing trivializes taking on small additional workloads.

This concludes our look at the various scanning solutions available to today’s businesses. Keep these facts in mind when considering the model on which you structure your in-house scanning operation.

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