Digital Transformation for Governments

Government agencies often struggle to remain on the leading edge of digital technology advancements due to a lack of commitment to IT modernization and budget constraints. However, advancements in technology are better able to address common issues faced by the government including security, migration from paper to digital and improvements to government tools such asContinue reading

Why You Should Outsource Your Next Scanning Project

In all likelihood, you work in an office that has everything to be expected – a water cooler, desks, snacks, maybe even a few bean bag chairs. However, you probably also have a large filing cabinet (maybe even multiple filing cabinets) collecting dust in a supply closet, or worse, taking up valuable floor space inContinue reading

Choosing an Electronic Document Management System

Considering the dynamically changing face of executing businesses and running organizations, irrespective of their size, nature, and audience they deal with, the quantity of information only tends to increase with every passing day. There are extensive documents and files that need to be organized and used in the most benefiting manner. Gone are the daysContinue reading

Avoid These HIPAA Violations

Common HIPAA Violations #1: Insecure PHI Storage With PHI security being a primary focus in HIPAA, appropriate safeguards like access controls and encryption must be implemented. They’re not just for your own self-assurance—financial penalties for not implementing proper securities have gone as high as: $16,000,000 for Anthem Inc. in 2018 $5,500,000 for Memorial Healthcare System in 2017Continue reading