Scan-Optics was founded in 1968, when carbon paper was giving way to copy machines and imaging was in its infancy. From our earliest years, we have been responsible for many of the technology advances in the industry. Scan-Optics was the first to develop the image dissector tube and make it commercially available, the first to offer an alphanumeric handprint recognition system, and the first to introduce key data entry integrated with Optical Character Recognition (OCR).

In recent years, Scan-Optics’ 25 patented breakthroughs have included acoustic double page detection, the integration of MICR and barcode reading into the recognition system, the introduction of grayscale capability in OCR, and our latest patent pending development: easy.forward™, an intelligent data management service. The consistent motivator behind all our innovation is to provide our customers with more of what they need: fast, accurate, secure document imaging and data capture.